The Eucharist Project: 1. The Goal

The Eucharist project is a homegrown, grassroots, (what other buzzwords can we use... ecumenical?) attempt to see the churches of Auburn California united around, and through, the communion table. Along the way we hope to compile an abundant amount of resources and first hand experiences in order to help anyone in other areas that may be looking to promote the unity of the church across denominational lines.

We believe that cross denominational unity is not only possible but biblical. We see some small practical steps that will hopefully lead to large changes within a community.

1. Research. (reading, listening to, watching different sources of authority within each denomination represented within our town).

2. Attend the churches in Auburn. begin attending and building relationships with the churches in Auburn.

3. Posts on every denominations understanding of communion as well as the way they regularly practice this.

4. The creation of a communion liturgy that would facilitate all denominations once a month outside of a specific church worship.

5. The implementation of a once a month cross denominational gathering to celebrate the Eucharist together.


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