Why The Smoking Room?

Ive been thinking about getting a blog started again for a while now but there have been a couple reasons besides the laziness and busyness of life that have held me back. 

1. Everyone has a blog and everyone has something to say.

2. Blog posts tend to be shallow and one sided by their very nature.

3. There is a lot of noise out there on the internet and sometimes I wonder if we all just unplugged more we'd actually love each other better.

So why start a blog if there are some good reasons to not see another one on the internet? (not to mention the probably hundreds of thousands of blogs that get started and die after two posts.... I've contributed a couple to that garbage pile)

1. I find myself consuming a lot of material with no real place to process it.

2. I want this blog to be as much about the comments and dialogue that happens below as the post above it. This might not ever happen but one can hope.

3. it would be nice to have a log of my thoughts that I may refer back to and revisit instead of drifting from one idea to the other.

As for where the name came from...


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