Mythos: Creation

There was darkness and The One walked among it. On Her back hung the Eternal Disc ringed by six spikes of piercing light. With these she slew the beings of darkness. When she had tamed the darkness she separated herself from The Eternal Disc. She cast it into the darkness, where it began expanding and sparking to life. The Eternal Disc grew mountains and bled rivers that pooled into seas that flowed over its edge. From this land grew all manner of life. And in this wild world The Creator cut from Herself the six spikes of piercing light. She molded them one by one into the Guardians of Old and cast them as lighting to the ground. Thus from sacrifice this world was born.

The Eternal Disc grew life above and below it. Below it The Darkness bred. Out of this Darkness emerged The Shadow of Creation. As He clamored over the edge, The Darkness followed. In this Darkness The Shadow slew a Guardian. He crafted from the dead Guardian’s bones a spear of tainted light and with it he struck down The Creator. The Creator fell through the world fracturing The Guardians and The Shadow. Thus from the blood of others was this world broken.

In the millenniums of war that followed the fractured Guardians created races in their own image. Societies were born. With these they beat back the darkness and banished it to the underside only to watch it claw back up time and time again. However The Creator would not sleep forever. She rose from the depths and called the fractured Guardians and all their races to herself. She took back her power from them, weaving Creation into a new tapestry. The Eternal Disc bent inwards creating a sphere and sealing the darkness within. On this sphere she used the remaining threads to string together new life to steward and rule on this wild land.  She made this life with pieces from all of the Guardians. Each life possesing pieces of the whole but lacking the power needed to break open the world and set The Darkness free. She called these new creations Human. Thus the world of tapestry was born. A world not so unlike our own.