Where have we been?

Hello Listeners/Readers,

I want to take this moment to thank you for spending any of your time reading or listening to the show/blog.  If you are a listener you have most likely noticed the lack of new episodes.  If you have missed it I am sorry and will now explain what happened.  I have been dealing with family health concerns since the end of December and had been busy with trips during recording times.  We were planning on a triumphant return today, but Zach has come down with some health issues of his own this weekend and now needs some time to heal.  If you are reading this then you may know that we have only been releasing new episodes here on mixedbagofhats.com and not on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you’d normally find a podcast.  This was a decision to reduce the amount of sheer noise all over the Internet.  There are enough people telling you their opinion on everything, and if you’re interested in ours we will be right here.  We are not going to end the show, we will be back.  In other news, Ben and Alex have welcomed a new optimistic lady into the world.  We have privately and now publicly wish them all the best with their new little Niffler.  Congratulations Moyers.  It has been a hectic beginning of the year for Apathetic Gentlemen and we guarantee we will be back with conversational goodness as soon as we are all healthy and ready to do so. 

Do what makes you happy, and be good to one another.