266 Down 100 To Go

100 to go. 
I've become agitated with this challenge recently.  Not because I now do not like movies, or don't enjoy watching the movies.  It has just highlighted how much time is wasted while watching them.  As of right now (if my excel spreadsheet is accurate) I have spent nineteen days, twenty hours and forty two minutes watching film this year.  That is a feat but also very sad.  Anyway, dwelling on that just leads to swirling depression... here's some stuff I learned.

48 Hours
It ended alright.  I was writing the last post in the middle of

The Phantom, Suicide Squad, Planet Hulk
Comic Super Hero Movies (CSHM) are not going away.  In fact, it's all we're going to get for the next decade or so.  Some of them are going to be bad and less are going to be good.  Most of them are going to be mediocre and leave our minds almost immediately.  I don't have a grand point about the CSHM being the death of cinema, I have a different one.
I will watch anything with Batman in it, because I like Batman.  My colleague Zach is a huge fan of Spider-Man,   We've talked about our buddies Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne on here before:

  • That podcast were we talked about Peter's role in a civil war occurring between his super powered friends.
  • That other podcast we did of that one really boring movie where Bruce beat up his frenemy Clark but stopped when he discovered their mom's have the same name.
  • That other podcast were we talk about that Disney Cash Grab that was decent, with solid cameos from Peter and Scott.  I still need to see Scott's movie.
  • That blog were I talked a little bit about when Bruce and Clark used to be older and more fun.

The point of it all is that these are interpretations of these characters.  And were allowed to like and dislike how we please, and the discussions they create are their own reward.  CSHM will keep coming out and we'll all talk about them.  That is life now.

...We all know Batman can kick Spider-Man's ass but that's not what I'm arguing so Ill move on.

Everything Must Go, Night Owls, Hell or High Water
Solid Movies, Lowish budgets.  Take seek out movies that are made for a little less. Someone one has to be in love with what they're doing if there is no guaranteed return.  Go see these movies they're awesome.

Terminator Genisys, Grease 2
I wasn't invested in the source material for these movies.  However, I feel like saying a sign of a bad sequel is when it doesn't even match the same tone of its prequels.  When the movie is playing its prequel shot for shot, or making a song about bowling that ignores the few rules about bowling.  Has the whole world gone crazy?  Am I the only person around here that gives a shit about the rules. 
RIP Lebowski and Brandt.  I hope your sequel holds up.

Cary Grant
Watched My Favorite Wife, Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House, The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, and Night and Day.  You have to make some cultural inflation adjustments here and there but they're still enjoyable.

Braveheart, The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Hurt Locker, Shakespeare In Love, The English Patient, The Greatest Show on Earth, Amadeus, Roman Holiday
One of the goals of this challenge was to watch more Best Picture Oscar Winners (BPOW).  If they were voted to be the best films of that year, they should be the greatest of all time.  That's Spock logical, but untrue.  BPOWs are what are considered the best film of that year when the people in the academy voted.  They do not have the gift of time and hindsight.  A lot of these movies are great movies, some of them are amazing.  Some of them... are Shakespeare in Love.  Shakespeare in Love beat out Saving Private Ryan for Best Picture.  That fact alone proves that BPOWs are not necessarily the best films of that year, or ever.  I don't think The Greatest Show on Earth is one of the best movies ever, but I could see it being the best of that year.  The Hurt Locker is great movie, but so was Up, Inglorious Basterds, and District 9.  BPOWs are definitely worth watching, but don't take them as gospel.

Elvis & Nixon, All the President's Men, Call Me Lucky, Mad as Hell
These movies have seemingly little to do with each other.  However, they taught me a very valuable lesson.  The Government is made up of dudes.  Rich Dudes.  Rich Entitled White Dudes (RWED).  Nixon is the subject of two of them.  Nixon, a real life president, was absolute Clown Shoes.  Call Me Lucky has to do with the Badass Barry Crimmons, for speaking out against the injustices cooperate-america, religion, and the government of the United States.  Mad as Hell is about Cenk Uygur who passionately spoke against the unjust political machine using every medium.  Just to sum it up for my NSA file: it seems like movies told me the government doesn't care about us.

Re-Animator, Swimfan, Don't Breathe, Most Likely to Die
Horror Movies are awesome and terrible because they are allowed to be.  There is no wrong answer, when there are no rules.  Whatever crazy idea you come up with can be made into a motion picture.  I'm not going to give my opinions on the quality of the above movies, but instead encourage you to really watch some horror movies.  There are some real gems in that pile.

The Haunted Mansion
What could I possibly be writing here.
The Haunted Mansion was an insane watch for me.  I love the Haunted Mansion ride in Disneyland- I loved the Pirates of the Caribbean (POTC) as well.  As a RWED I've enjoyed Disneyland Annual Passes so I could experience these attractions many times.   I know the songs, I know the lines.  I'm an asshole.  The POTC movies were alright to me because I knew they had just become another separate revenue stream for the Disney cooperation.  It's likeness to the attraction was barely considered, lightly hinted at, and eventually trumped with a Depp-bot.  The Haunted Mansion is a different story.  I like the ride because its one of the few dark things in Disneyland.  Even though there is singing and dancing, there is also a dude hanging from the ceiling.  The movie adaptation was an Eddie Murphy adventure comedy with references to the ride.  It had horror elements, but were too Nerf-ed for the kid audience.  I guess the film wasn't made for me: A RWED and fan of The Haunted Mansion

High Fidelity, Say Anything..., Drive Hard
I understand John Cusack's likeability.  I should have seen these years ago.
And Drive Hard proves that sometimes he's not so great.

Leaving Las Vegas
A great movie no doubt.  An insane Nicolas Cage performance.  A superb Elizabeth Shue performance.  But fuck its depressing.  It is about a man killing himself with alcohol.  It made me feel so much different than any other Nic Cage movie.  It had me asking:

  • What makes us Human?
  • If you love someone, are you willing to let them kill themselves?
  • How willing are you to help people around you?
  • How is legal for a person to go into a store and buy enough alcohol to kill a small army?

It is also the reason the Rage Cage has acted the way he has for so long.  He was rewarded with the highest acting honor and now ridiculed for the same acting.  I stand with Nicolas Cage.  It's not his fault that a man crippled with alcoholism just so happens to accurately look like a normal Cage performance.  He had the only role a raving lunatic could win an Oscar with.  Then the movie turned out to be super good.
And I still need to see the National Treasures.

Thank You for reading or not reading you LMAW.


CSHM Comic Super Hero Movies
BPOW Best Picture Oscar Winners
REWD Rich Entitled White Dudes
POTC Pirates of the Caribean
LMAW Lovely Men and Woman


Holy Hell, Call Me Lucky, Mad As Hell
Watch more documentaries... that's it.