168 down 198 to go

I know.  It’s another chance for me to write a bunch about the movies I’ve been watching.  I’m going through some short spurt stuff on this update. Remember: TL;DR for sure, flowery language, and opinionated nonsense.

Superman and Batman
Earlier in this challenge I watched Batfleck and The British Kryptonian churn out the first on screen meeting of the DC’s heavy hitters and it wasn't fun.  Later, I watched the only live action batman I hadn’t seen, Batman: The Movie (starring Adam West) and all of the Christopher Reeve Superman Movies.  Those movies were fun.  Even when they were terribly bad and impossible to understand, they were fun.  I am now watching the Batman ’66 series and it may be just as awesome as The Animated Series.  Know Why?  ‘Cuz its fun son.  I'm sure the kids and I will talk more about this issue when the Podcast goes over Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice 'Ultimate Edition.'  pretty sure that increasing the length will not make it better, whither it be the title or the movie itself.

Purple Rain
RIP Prince.  Your music is rad.  Your movie is weird.

Lethal Weapon

  • Questionable use of suicide but perfect use of action.
  • I felt like a complete knob for never have seen them.
  • It definitely made my love for “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” grow.
  • Made me understand a little bit more about the Mel Gibson love.
  • It was proof that sequel-itis was a real problem way before the Fast and Furiouses of the world.
  • Deserves a bullet-ed list.

Saw series was better...

James Dean
I had a triple feature of all the movies James Dean is in.  While I didn’t enjoy them as much as other folks, I did feel a bit sad that this dude died so young.  I don’t think that Dean was a genius.  It is just so uncool that we didn’t have the opportunity to see his career.  So many less interesting actors have a bigger body of work to judge them with.  Good or Bad- the career itself can be interesting and lead to great films and great moments.  Nicolas Cage is a perfect example.  Imagine if James Dean had a trajectory like the Rage Cage.  Picture it.  Its awesome.

The Karate Kid
Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it?
Pain does not exist in this dojo, does it?
Defeat does not exist in this dojo, does it?
I had only seen the Hillary Swank version, and luckily I fixed that.  The 2010 reboot is just a lovely Chinese tourism board digital postcard (and birthday gift to Jayden).  The Original Trilogy is proof that sequels are not as easy as they seem.  The Original is a classic, Part II is an attempt to recapture that lightning in a bottle, and Part III is a work of insanity

Mel Brooks
What our world really needs right now is people like Mel Brooks.  The dude is an honest, irreverent comedy genius who pushes the envelope while doing exactly what he wants.  I saw some of his more fringe movies and they were awesome.  Watch some Mel Brooks it's worth your time and attention.

Sports Movies and Romantic Movies
The purpose of this whole challenge was to broaden my film horizons.  I never watched sports or romantic movies at all.  I may have front loaded the quality in the sports films (Miracle, Invincible, Major League, We are Marshall, Hoosiers) and really sunk the Roms. (Failure to launch, A Walk To Remember, Christian Mingle, Windy City, 27 Dresses)  I can acknowledge I may have created my bad time with the romances.  However, I have to make judgments on what I’ve seen.  It seems like sports movies are inspirational crack, and romantic comedies are paranoia bath salts: one of them seems like a more logical high with less casualties. 


Thanks for reading if you did.

Thanks to everyone who didn’t.


PS I watched "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" after writing this.  Its rad, worth a watch, and on Netflix.

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