Ep. 9. Show & Tell: Secks Romp

In this episode, Kirk talks about his fictional Punk-O-Matic band: Secks Romp.  Ben kills Thomas Light and Freed in The Inter-Mission Show.  Zach covers two weeks of movies and Kirk talks John Hughes in the DLM Challenge.  The Episode ends with a D20 review of The Life of Pablo by Kanye West.  Recorded March 20, 2016.


Secks Romp Discography

Rollercoaster Relationships (yes i know "roller coaster" is not one word...)
1. She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not (Rollercoaster Relationships I)
2. Tuna On Rye
3. HoldingHands+SpidermanKisses=HappyCamper (Rollercoaster Relationships II)
4. Fujstad
5. 31 Days and Counting
6. Halo's Ball Theory
7. Well, I Hate You Now (Rollercoaster Relationships III)
8. Less Than Three
10. Emo Kids Aren't too Bad (Rollercoaster Relationshios IV)
11. Marylyn Monroe. (was no better than the) Common Whore.

Sophomore Album
1. Intro
2. No Right to Take A Life
3. Pedophiles forget Chris Hanson, steer clear of Hayley Stark.
4. Looks like a good day...
5. For a good ol' fashioned romp.
6. That naked woman on the screen doesn't love you.
7. Yes and No
8. Untitled (but still good)
9. I may be immature, but I'm in a band.
10. Hook, Line and Suckka
11. I Hate Dumb People
12. An Unhappy Ending
13. Bonus Track

Another Anarchy
1. Party In Victory
2. Does It Hurt?
3. (At The End Of The Day) It's All We Can Do
4. You Are Too Fine
5. Smoke It Away
6. Another Anarchy
7. Unwanted Children
8. 37
9. ...For The One's Who Fell Before Us
10. A Duel I Say!!!
11. WTF
12. High Five (we are sick of intros)

Don't Get Killed at Five to Twelve
1. 11:55 PM
3. 3rd Graders Taking a 6th Grade Test
4. Self Righteous Social Club
5. Giving Her the Old Paopu Fruit
6. 6th Graders Taking a 3rd Grade Test
7. Doomed to Live in Meshech
8. With a Home in Kedar
9. Back Door Sluts 9
10. Ouch! My Cancer Hurts!
11. Interesting (Do I Know You)
12. The Final Rose
13. Brannigan's Law
14. AH TAH
15. Set Phasers to Nerd

Get Used to Being Alone Kid!
1. The Beginning of Something Terrible
2. A Pox Upon Your House
3. Farting Rainbows (S***ing Gold)
4. No! I Can't Talk to Cute Girls!
5. Marshall Applewhite
6. Your Are No Better Than Me
7. Skillz 4 Killz
8. Scott Malkinson
9. Reunited (and it feels so odd)
10. Get Used to Being Alone Kid!

1. Welcome to the New Distraction
2. Monster Eats The Pilot
3. Just B*tches Being B*tches
4. Treat Her Like A Queen
5. A Tack Attack is Broke Inside
6. That Song I Promised You
7. 88 GPF
8. All Good Ones Are Taken (Rollercoaster Relationships V)
9. The Lighter Side of Hating You
10. Shepherd of Sharks
11. Mad Songs are made by Sad Men
12. Liars Make Bad Girlfriends
13. I Have A Yacht Dammit!
14. Real Mature

Clown EP
1. The Big Top
2. Pennywise (Shapeshifters)
3. The Joker (No Plan At All)
4. Ronald McDonald (Sugar Smiles)
5. Pagliacci (So Sad)

1. Oh Canada Indeed
2. If You Think Life Is Hard, You're a F***ing Baby
4. Incomple
5. Just Like the Opening of The Rite of Spring
6. Leaf Blowers Are Illegal In 40 States, Lawn Mowers Are Legal Everywhere
7. Greener Side of Suicide
8. I Made It in Minecraft
9. Damn Creepers

1. Foreclosure On My Monopoly Properties
2. Well Aren't You Two Just Perfect
3. I <3 Tuba Girl
4. Give That Penis A Sandwich (Lets All Go Inside!)
5. My Father Died In An Action Movie Factory Explosion
6. Woodcock-Johnson
7. The Outside World Has No Idea What We're Doing Here

Edelweiss Pirates EP
1. I'm So Tired
2. Rebuttals
3. Ideas are for Successful People
4. Something Nothing Something
5. We All Need One of These
6. Edelweiss Pirates

1. Here Lies
2. Murdoc Thomas
3. Honest Man
4. Obedient Son
5. Loving Friend
6. Lonely Individual
7. Depressed Stranger
8. Tortured Soul

Hates Women
1. Spit It Out
2. Gab On and On
3. Close the Rumor Mills
4. Baby, Take Me Back!
5. The term don't apply to all women, but...
6. The Word 'Pussy' Degrades the Vagina
7. Hellish Sounds
8. Rest of your Life > Wedding Plans
9. Every Woman is Beautiful
10. How is that creepy guy different from the dude you bone tonight?
11. Menstruation: Not My Fault
12. = Rights aint = Treatment
13. Dead End Relationships
14. If men are monsters, look at abortion
15. Whoreders
16. And So Ends this Dysfunctional Union

1. I (Day My Job Will Come)
2. II (The Batmobile)
3. III (Little Words)

1. I (Is The Loneliest Number)
2. II (To Tango)
3. III (Wise Men/Blind Mice)
4. IV (Horsemen Of The Apocalypse)

there is no light we are in no tunnel
1. there is no light
2. we are in no tunnel

The Last One I Swear (No Artwork)
1. Norm Machine The Chair Riot