DLM Update Week 1

Hey everyone, Zach here! This is my first blog post about the movies I'm watching for the DLM challenge that we talk about every week. This post will cover my first week of movies that we talked about over a month ago in our very first podcast. Go back and give that a listen some time and hear the three of us talk about these movies and the movies Kirk watched.

A little context for you. These are movies that I have never seen prior to viewing them this year. Some are considered classics, some are awful, and others are just good movies. Here's week one for you!

Week 1 Movies:

  1. Kill Bill Volume 2: I watched volume 1 at some point in 2015 and loved it. I wish I didn't wait so long to watch the second part. This was a great ending to the Bride's story. Although, not as visually stunning as the first movie from a fight choreography stand point, it was great from an exposition stand point. Seeing the Bride's relationship with Bill and why she chose to leave him was great. Uma Thurman was at the top of her game with this one. 7/10
  2. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: I read the novel that this movie is based upon last year. I immediately bought the movie after finishing reading it. However, I didn't feel like crying my heart out over the film immediately after emptying my tear ducts over the book. So, I waited. The movie is heartbreaking like the book but does not pack as much as a punch. The book is written from the boy's perspective and you get to see into his mind as he tries to understand what is going on in Germany during the second world war. His innocence is what makes the ending so tragic. I loved the movie, but loved the book even more. Do yourself a favor and read the book and then watch the movie. Book: 10/10 Movie: 7/10
  3. R.I.P.D.: I wanted to believe that this movie was not as bad as it did in theaters. Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges? I mean, come on! That should be great. However, it's Men in Black with ghosts, ghouls, and a weak plot. 3/10
  4. Police Academy: I knew nothing about Police Academy going into this. I left loving it. 6/10
  5. John Carter: As a comic book fan, watching this interested me. Not because there are John Carter comics. I actually have no idea if there are. However, Marvel published a comic series called Planet Hulk a few years back that basically is the same plot of John Carter. Hulk is left on a foreign red planet, gets captured, fights in an arena to become the champion of the oppressed and rises against the oppressing government. And he nails a princess. This all happens in John Carter. I'll probably read the book it's based off of at some point, A Princess of Mars. Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote it in the early 1900's so it's a classic that I'll have to get to eventually. 2/10
  6. Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark: Let's get this over with. I have never seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, prior to this year. I had seen the Temple of Doom. But never the first or third Indy movie. I will say now, after seeing all four movies, that this is my favorite. Han Solo.... I mean Harrison Ford is brilliant in this movie. His transformation from stiff professor to adventuring badass is great. As a history fan these movies had a huge appeal to me. I wish I had watched them sooner. 9/10
  7. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: What I loved the most about this movie is getting to meet Indy's father, Professor Henry Jones, played by the great Sean Connery. The chemistry between Ford and Connery is excellent. They were a match made in movie heaven. 8/10

Thanks for reading this post and listening to the podcast! Leave some suggestions in the comment section of what I should watch next or let me know what you thought of these movies. Look out for week 2's list coming soon!